Soul Searcher Vibes

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↑   This reading experience is better with the sound turned on

The tiny town of San Marcos, Guatemala has huge personality and some true state-of-the-art hippie shit. I love exploring these places because where there’s hype, there’s usually a reason for it. But it’s important to be aware, have an idea of why you’re there (i.e. yoga and meditation, healthy food), and of course, to step outside of your comfort zone because that’s where the real exploring happens.

San Marcos attracts seekers and healers from around the world and there are endless treatments and gatherings to experience.


Since I love trying things out in the world of healing and self exploration, here are a few of the healing treatments, activities and situations I put myself in while there:


1. An ayurvedic massage at the East West Center, which was 2 hours of bliss before heading back to New York.

2. A massage where the woman played a wooden flute over my body and waved feathers.

3. Yoga at La Paz and Yoga Forest. 

4. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which consists of meridian point tapping. I had a childhood flashbacks, had a meltdown and then felt amazing.

5. A reading by Dr. Bill. This guy told my future, my past and my purpose here on Earth. NBD. He sounded insane but his predictions have actually come true. Hot damn.

6. Meditation at La Paz. I was the only one in class and napped the whole time.

7. Cacao ceremony with Keith. A must.

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When in an environment like this, my digs are very important. I will splurge on a clean and cozy environment, where I can get a good night’s rest, have a long, hot shower and relish in my personal space.

Luckily, the chicest spot in San Marcos, Hotel Lush, was affordable and stunningly rustic-chic. Having the balance between naked hippies (they really help you feel uninhibited, gotta say) and a comfortable environment to go back to was key to the experience.

San Marcos is vibes on vibes on vibes.

San Marcos was vibes on vibes on vibes. Energy vibes, hippie vibes, healing vibes. All of that juicy stuff that usually makes us squirm, but when we’re around people who are truly committed, it makes going there much more fun and accessible. So head to San Marcos for a little discomfort, followed by a lot of self growth and exploration, and some damn good massages. And don’t forget to bring back lots of strong Guatemalan coffee for your post-reflection hangover.