Podcast Feature: Stay Wild


Olivia talks with Norma Jean on her new podcast, Stay Wild


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Stay Wild is new podcast from dynamic host, Norma Jean. On her show she speaks with people who are shaking things up. Whether in their field of business, where they live or how they approach each day, these people have decided, in one way or another, to live their lives on their own terms. Located in Bali, Norma Jean has formed a tribe of movers and shakers who are sure to inspire!

It’s not as much about the genre or the artist names; it’s just about the feeling and what fits with that.

In the episode, Norma Jean and Olivia talk about the journey behind creating the Vibe Project and the process behind music curation. "It's not as much about the genre or the artist names; it's just about the feeling and what fits with that." Learn about using different kinds of music to achieve specific atmospheres, tips in creating playlists and how music changes mood - all affecting desired outcomes.


Tune into Olivia's episode (#4) and dig into additional episodes. And subscribe to keep up to date on more awesome and inspirational stories from people who are doing it! The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitch and Soundcloud. All the links you need are below!


And of course, we couldn't resist curating a playlist for Stay Wild. We chose fun female-vocalist songs that encourage listeners to unleash their wild sides through the songs' beats and lyrics.

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