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Bonhomie means a feeling of friendliness and this is exactly what this contemporary and cool restaurant in Paris, France is about. Set in the trendy 10th arrondissement, Bonhomie is the ideal place to stop in for a coffee, meet clients for lunch, enjoy a drink after work, have a cozy dinner or cap off the night with a curated cocktail. Yup - that’s right. All those things in one spot.

Bonhomie. It’s not just the name, it’s our whole philosophy.
— Dotan Shalev, Owner
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The staff enjoyed discovering all the new music and that set the tone for a very positive experience for our clients.
— Dotan Shalev, Owner

Bonhomie brought on The Vibe Project to curate the music for it’s 18-hour, 7-day a week operations. Music is an integral component of changing between atmospheres. I wanted to highlight the many offerings of Bonhomie through their music.

The secret is to match the rhythm of the music with the natural rhythm of a space - while gently nudging customers towards my client’s goals. This means curating unique playlists for the mornings, lunch hours, afternoon hustles, post-work letdown, dinner time and late night.

Bonhomie's sound is made of old and new school soul, cool instrumentals, 90s hip-hop, and upbeat disco-era vibes. The themes throughout their music are a relaxed cool, a soulful playground with a modern communal environment. The music aims to drive home the inclusive Bonhomie experience, yet grounding it in its Paris surroundings.

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In the time following their new music strategy, Bonhomie’s staff happiness increased and both loyal and new customers consistently complimented the soundtrack. There was more interaction between the bar staff and customers, ultimately increasing bar spend. This positive impact shows how shifting the music can make small, but mighty, changes in a restaurant setting.



“With passion and patience, Olivia curated the sound for our establishment in Paris. With her help, we fitted our bar and restaurant with a musical ambience that adapts to different times of day. The music curation draws in customers for a specific time or keeps them during changeovers. The playlists Olivia created for us were highly received by clients and staff alike.” 
- Dotan Shalev, Owner, Bonomy Group Paris