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Emily Kuser, yoga teacher and retreat leader extraordinaire, contacted me with an urgent request. "I am running a 200 hour yoga teacher training next week for over 35 people, two classes every day for 28 days and I have no music - help!"

We hopped on the phone and quickly got to work curating 20 playlists for her upcoming retreat.

It’s a tricky endeavor to create a musical journey for something as intimate as someone else’s yoga classes.
— Emily Kuser

Emily laid out the themes for her daily classes and the two styles of yoga throughout the training: hatha (faster movement) and yin (relaxation). 

The Vibe Project worked closely with Emily to get an understanding of her approach to the training and the values of the retreat. This is important so that the music reflects what is being taught, and approaches whole atmosphere of the retreat holistically.

In yoga, we want the music to enhance the experience. Music is used to bring those in the room deeper into their practices.
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The keys words used to describe High Vibe's training were kula (connection with others), integration, wholeness and grace. Emily's approach to teaching is very relatable, deep and sensual - so the music reflected these same attributes. 


In yoga, we want the music to enhance the experience; to bring those in the room deeper into their practice.I used deep instrumentals with Nicolas Jaar, sensual tunes from The Human Experience and relatable and knowable music from Jamie xx.

Emily's students were abuzz throughout the retreat and consistently requested the playlists. The retreat was a huge success and Emily continues to use the playlists throughout her classes and trainings.



"I was short on time for a yoga & meditation training I was leading - and desperate for a musical wizard (AKA Olivia Coleon) to create playlists out of the songs, bands and musicians I adore. She worked her magic and professionally produced epic playlists ranging from 60-90 mins with various themes, created specifically to my taste and vibe. I highly recommend Olivia for any project or event where music is a vital part of the experience! Her skill and expertise in creating professional playlists makes all the difference." - Emily Kuser