Hungry Creative Agency


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Hungry: having a strong desire or craving.

For what? Success.

That’s what Hungry is all about. We’re talking about the new creative agency that helps entrepreneurs create the businesses they’ve dreamed of. The agency comprises of a remote team of creative thinkers, digital strategists, developers, designers, writers and problem solvers fearlessly led by Patricia Parkinson.

We’re a no-bullshit company. We tell it like it is.
— Patricia Parkinson, Chief Badass

Since Hungry built the very website you're looking at now, we thought it would only be right to curate the launch party tunes and vibes. 

Set in the gorgeous Alchemy Academy in Bali, guests were greeted by an open air environment, candlelight and an intimate atmosphere. Long wooden tables were filled with healthy appetizers from a local chef,  and drinks were in abundance.  Guests were encouraged to stick with the “Hungry” theme and share stories of success-driven moments of desperation - giving everyone a good laugh.

We wanted the music and event aesthetic to fit the no-bull approach of this agency.

The music was created to fit the flow of the night in three parts: opening, middle and end. The opening welcomed and eased guests into the event. The middle brought more life, energy and fun, while the end transitioned to the final moments of the evening. This created a mix of no-bullshit artists like LCD Soundsystem, a splash of chillwave with some Washed Out, badass female vocalists like Santigold and danceable beats with Gorillaz. The result? A seamless and fun event that kept people engaged, intrigued and laughing until well past the party deadline.



“Thank you, Olivia for curating the playlist for our business launch. The music selection was great - flowing from a mellow start, ramping up the energy with the night and winding down at the end of the evening. It was a perfect match for our brand, it both created and fit the energy of the room and was timed perfectly. We appreciate the personal attention you gave to integrating our brand’s vibe and personal tastes.”
- Patricia Parkinson, Hungry Founder and Chief Badass