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Juno’s is a dip into the mediterranean in the middle of Bali. The circular space invites a collaborative nature, crisp white and blue tones give an air of sophistication, while tons of plants, cozy nooks and natural materials root the restaurant in Bali. 

Juno’s is a multi-functional space where customers come to be productive and to relax at once. The music had to appeal to all uses.
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A dip into the mediterranean, but rooted in Bali.

Upon their soft opening, Juno’s needed to provide a soundtrack to ready their restaurant into its full launch. As a daytime space (at the time), Juno's has an atmosphere that attracts a range of customers: friends meeting up, someone plugging away on their laptop, group brainstorm sessions and quite often, a relaxed afternoon with a book.

The Vibe Project was tasked to create mixes that fit all scenarios from morning through late afternoon.

The sound created for Juno’s was one of chill lounge, new and classic soul and a splash of hip instrumentals.

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Healthy vibes on


Within a couple of weeks, restaurant customers expressed pure pleasure in Juno’s sounds and the restaurant quickly became a go-to spot for those living in Ubud and tourists eager to check out the cool space.