The Hive: Runway Asia June '17

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On Friday, July 16, Singapore hosted its second Runway Asia. Hosted and produced by creative co-working space, The Hive, the fashion show presented 11 very different and very awesome emerging designers. Over 200 designers, influencers and media flooded The Hive rooftop to kick off the weekend. The vibe was fresh and upbeat - the excitement for and by the designers was palpable.

Music was used to create an authentic moment for each designer; where the audience is pulled into their aesthetic if even for a few minutes.
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The mission of Runway is to give a platform to aspiring creatives, and the music needed to reflect that.

The Vibe Project curated the music before, during and after the show. To kick things off, we welcomed guests with some cool hip-hop, easy electro and threw in some old school Diddy and Missy here and there. The crowd was mostly 20-and-30-somethings who were there to see some new fashion trends, so we wanted to throw in some fresh and perhaps unknown tracks, yet ground everyone with a handful of beats we all know and love.

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The music during the event was the highlight of the project. Working with each of the designers to get a feel of their designs and brands, The Vibe Project curated each track to fit with individual designers all the while sticking to the core elements of Runway. The designers were engaged and inspired by this process - feeling how their clothes came to life through music. And during showtime, the audience was consumed by each designer’s unique qualities and vibe.



"Thank you Vibe Project for the amazing job and support for not only me, but for every creative artist participating at the Runaway Asia. The song selection was absolutely fab!! I was very impressed with it!! I felt that your selection was expressing Olive Ankara's vibes, aesthetics, rhythms in 360 degrees, and I had people saying how good the music was. Thank you again. Can't wait for the next show, together we will make it magic!"

- Ify Ubby, Founder & Designer of Olive Ankara