Vibe Curation

Creating moments, experiences & atmospheres


What is vibe curation?

Vibe curation is tangible elements being brought together to create an intangible energy, experience or moment.

These elements are music, interior design and people. When each of these is curated to seamlessly fit a space or brand, magic happens.

There is where a vibe is born.

We're in an age where we want experiences over things. In fact, 72% of us said we'd rather spend our money on cool, authentic experiences over products. 

Vibe curation is about making those experiences.



Sonic branding

We find the sound of your brand or space.

playlist curation

We curate music playlists for any occassion, space or brand by zeroing in on the feelings and atmosphere you want to create for your audience.

brand strategy

We create a music strategy unique to your brand. We live and breathe innovative solution, marketing campaigns, partnerships, endorsement deals, influencer seeding and beyond.

sound innovation

Interested in how music can be used in your space, brand or event? Or thinking of opening a space? We love coming up with innovative solutions.

Curated Atmospheres

We design atmospheres that bring it all together.

Mood boarding & concepting

We work with you to get your ideal space and vibe by creating mood boards and authentic creative concepts.

spatial refresh

Often times your space doesn't need renovations or a full redesign - it just needs a little refresher. We will redesign your space with new items, layout and organization to give your space an updated feel.

event design

We will concept your event's atmosphere and source any items needed to great the ultimate vibe for your event.

Curated Events

We program events that form awesome, dynamic communities.

creative Programming

From strategy to execution, we pin point what your space and brand need to bring your audience together.

talent wrangling

We take care of booking, wrangling and all things talent.

MANAGEMENT & logistics

We've got you covered on all things behind-the-scenes, from spreadsheets to vendors, staff training and client management.